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Elderberry Fruit

Species: Sambucus nigra L
European Elderberry

Cultivated conventional Elderberry

Certified Organic Elderberry (Available by pre-harvest reservation)


Source: Austria and neighbouring Hungry and is the preferred region and variety for food supplements and food colouring

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Elderberry Fruit Ingredients

Applications: Functional foods, beverage, syrups, supplements, and vitamin gummies


IQF Elderberry Fruit

Elderberry Fruit Juice Concentrate 65 Brix°

Elderberry Fruit Juice Concentrate 65 Brix° Organic

Elderberry Fruit Juice (NFC)

Elderberry Puree, single strength

Whole Fruit Powders (no carrier):

Vacuum dried whole fruit, granular powder 

Freeze dried whole fruit, fine powder

Freeze dried (no seeds), fine powder

Extract Powders:

4:1 spray dried powder 

7% anthocyanins

14% anthocyanins

Other: standardised to customised extract ratio or anthocyanin specification

Elder Flower

Species: Sambucus nigra L
European Elderberry

The delicate flower of the cultivated Haschberg variety

Source: Austria and Hungary

Austria and neighbouring Hungry is the preferred region and variety of elderflower ingredients for natural flavouring


Elder Flower Ingredients

Favour and aroma for beverages
Liquid supplements and tonics


Elderflower liquid 0-3,5 Brix

Elderflower liquid 19-21 Brix with sugar and flavour

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