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A Destructive Finale to the Elderberry Harvest

The elderberry industry all over Europe is dealing with the shock of huge crop losses across Austria and western Hungry. The 2020 crop which was set to meet 2019 yield and quality (approximately 10,000-13,000 tonne) was hit by a string of unfortunate events just as growers were preparing to pick the fruit.

Not only unseasonal amounts of rain and hail but throw in an infestation of the cherry fruit fly, an introduced pest which damages the fruit while still on the tree. The combination has left many growers with only 30% of their usual annual harvest.

In a normal year, the previous year’s crop sells out by Christmas and rolls into the new harvest stock, this year we had sold out of stock four months earlier than usual due to increased demand, especially from the US.

Elderberry Australia have secured limited stock of the 2020 harvest to be manufactured into juice concentrate for beverage and syrups, powders and extracts for functional food and supplements.

Prices are at a premium and orders need to be secured for the next 12 months to ensure you can continue to supply retail products with elderberry.

Please contact us if you have demand and we can assist.

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