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Elderberry Harvest Update July 2020

Elderberry 2020 Harvest Update from Sublima Europe Last Updated 24th July 2020 Product: Elderberry (sambucus nigra), Haschberg variety The elderberry industry in Europe is planning for a later than usual fruit harvest this year. The picking is planned for late August.

Organic elderberry will be difficult to get due to increased demand from the USA.

Price indication is on the higher side, the first quotes of the next season for fruit juice concentrate have come in nearly 3 Euros higher than 2019. This is due to strong and early demand on fruit for use in immune products and a lower yield predicted.

Current situation for stock (July 2020): all cold stores of 2019 harvest have run out. We have the last of our supply available as fruit juice concentrate (conventional) with the option to spray dry to fruit juice powder 4:1

If you want to secure elderberry for production over the next 12 months, it is necessary to provide us with product planning as soon as possible. Products available this year (from August/September 2020):

Whole Fruit Products:

Elderberry whole fruit powder 0-1 mm

Source: Poland

Airtight bags

MOQ 500 kg

Elderberry fruit IQF

(Conventional and organic)

Source: Austria

Aseptic in drums


Elderberry Puree (single strength)

Source: Austria

Aseptic in drums

Standard product

MOQ 500kg

Fruit Juice Products:

Organic Elderberry Juice NFC

Source: Austria

Aseptic in drums

Not standard on stock


Elderberry Juice 65 Brix°

(Conventional and organic)

Source: Austria

Aseptic in drums

MOQ 250 kg

Powder Products:

Elderberry Extract Powder

(standardized to custom specification)

Source: Austria

Airtight bags in box

MOQ 300 kg

Elderberry Juice Powder 4:1

Source: Austria

Airtight bags in box

MOQ 250kg

The Fruit Growth Update

The elderflower crop has already been harvested in May and June. Currently, the elderberry fruit is still ripening with mostly green berries on display. Should be ready to pick in late August.

Samples and information:

Please contact Karlie for more information and samples

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