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Elderberry Ingredient Specialists

B2B for food and supplement manufacture.

We have been supplying, contracting and shipping elderberry ingredients for retail products since 2000. We encompass all the industry needs for producing elderberry products starting with pre-contracting of IQF fruit through to elderflower and standardised extracts. 

We invite anyone with experience in cultivating or research of native Australian elderberry to help us expand the knowledge base. 

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Your Partner in Elderberry

Our expertise flows throughout the whole supply chain from farming, sourcing, manufacturing, extraction, formulations, research, marketing and importing. Our service is unique in that we purchase IQF fruit and fruit extracts and concentrates to customise finished products to suit our customers needs.

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A True Functional Ingredient

"The primary use of European Elderberry is for the common symptoms associated with; Colds, Influenza, and Feverish Conditions". (Source: American Botanical Council

Source of Elderberry

Europe is the hub for commercial elderberry supply where they grow Sambucus nigra, common name Black elderberry.


The Elder trees thrive in the cold climate of Austria and neighbouring Hungary. Originally selected and cultivated for the high anthocyanin or colour unit content, providing a natural colouring ingredient to foods, beverage and cosmetics. The black elderberry has been widely studied for its health benefits as a dietary supplement.

Elderberry Australia supply IQF fruit, juice concentrate and specialty extracts predominantly sourced from Austria, the largest elderberry producer. The Haschberg variety of elderberry is used in juices, foods and nutraceuticals due to it's high anthocyanin content which provides its famous intense dark colour. 

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Genus: Sambucus

Family: Adoxaceae


Species: Sambucus nigra 

Common names: Black Elderberry and European Elderberry

Quality & Sustainablility

Elderberry Australia works with farmers and producers who are dedicated to sustainable practices. Certification with GLOBAL G.A.P. ensures we can supply the most sustainable elderberry products

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