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Elderberry Harvest Update June 2020

Elderberry has been one of the top googled immunity products over the past months with existing retail elderberry seeing 20% growth, month on month. The heavy consumer demand has meant that many retail elderberry product lines are out of stock.

European elderberry (sambuccus nigra) is popular in cold and flu formulations and has clinical evidence that shows efficacy for shortening cold and flu duration and severity.

Why stay up to date with the harvest progress?

The regions where elderberry grow have experienced unseasonal cold weather with frosts. With extra demand and potential shortages with the 2020 harvest we are keen to keep you informed to enable planning and secure stock for this year and beyond.

Whilst some manufacturers of elderberry have been out of stock for months, we have continued to supply juice concentrate and powder due to our supply chain throughout Europe.

Planning is more important than usual... If you use elderberry in any of your product lines you will want to secure your stock before the harvest starts. If you plan to launch new products you will want to talk to us about securing stock for your product success & longevity. This year is set to be unlike any other with demand for elderberry and similar immune products.

Elderberry Cultivated Species

Current situation (June 2020): all cold stores of 2019 harvest were sold out in March. Under normal conditions berries from the previous year are usually available until the end of the next harvest.

Weather conditions have been adverse during May with very low temperatures, rain, and occasional frost. 2020 Harvest tonnage is expected to be reduced and commencement date delayed.

Elderberry Wild Varieties

Wild picked Elderberry from Eastern Europe including Poland, Ukraine and Hungry.

Current situation (June 2020): all cold stores were sold out in March. Weather conditions have been adverse for early harvest and high yield.

What's happening with the elder trees? Currently the trees are beginning to flower, typically fruit is harvested in August.

If you want to get the latest updates as they're issued please email Karlie at

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